Thursday, October 4, 2012

The First Poke is always the hardest

So about a month ago Steph asked me if I wanted to do something with her.  I said sure and we signed up for a  phlebotomy class.  Who wouldn't want to learn how to inflict pain and be the most feared person and get paid to do it? We have attended 2 classes and I have told the medical assistants at work that I am doing this.  Shantelle who is a M.A. asked me today if I wanted to practice poking her today (mind that I haven't even picked up a needle in class) I was nervous so Steph decided to be brave and got her good arm.  I was brave after and went after her other arm and the vein wasn't so obvious and I missed. Steph was standing around watching, and after I told her to sit down because I was going to draw blood today.  Steph was brave and sat down.  I wiped the area a few times with alcohol and grabbed my needle (oh the power you feel, and the shakiness that comes from that small tool) and stuck her.  I did it, I drew blood and now am going practice many times so that when it's our "First Time" in class everyone will think I'm a pro.  What an awesome strategic plan.  I plan to use this as a tool as a part time job and if I can get the hook ups at work maybe use it there as well..